Creepy House

I was having a stroll in the woods and stumbled upon a small house. It was getting dark so I, being an idiot, decided to stay at the house. 

In the middle of the night it was so cold that when I woke up I was in a tiny room but I never went into that room. The only thing I remember was going inside the house and laying on the couch watching TV, but that only means someone or something had moved me into the tiny room that I was in. I suddenly sat up and saw  something run across the room. I got up and turned around to turn on the light and saw nothing I said really. I got scared over nothing, then the lights shut off and I saw something run across the room and then the lights came back on and sitting in front of me was a cat. 

It was cute but I had to leave it behind because I was allergic to cats. As I left the house I saw a lady walk across the window she was tall and had long black hair and she was wearing a wedding gown, I guess I’ll never know how to get rid of it and I don’t know why it’s haunting me, but all I know is that I have to call a priest to cleanse my house.


Then  I see it, but it was a girl with a white dress holding bunches of flowers and giving it to the lady I saw, then I finally knew what it means, it meant that the lady was going to have a wedding but something happened, when I said that, the girl held up a poster, and it said I have to figure out how did the wedding ceremony was cancelled,and it also had a time, 3 days up and then at 3:00 I will disappear just like them.


 After that I started to do some research of weddings ceremonies that were ruined,  I came across one and it looked exactly like the woman and the girl I saw, then I did some reading and what it said broke my heart, it said that the lady’s name is Isabella and the girls name is Emily. 


What happened was that Isabella met a man and wanted to marry him and he agreed, but his family did not agree with it because they had another they want their son to marry, but the man never listened so the day before their wedding day the man’s family came and poison Emily’s and Isabella’s drink’s, and that’s how they died. On the third night, it appeared again and I quickly wrote what I read and showed it to them, and it slowly faded away. I felt sad but I have to think about myself as

Well, after that I was so happy that I was not haunted but I wish them good luck wherever they are, and I lived happily ever after.

Why should we learn to Control Pests?

We should learn how to control pests because some pests can get out of control. Pests can cause so many problems that some people do challenges to see how possums and ship rat’s get trapped. To stop this from happening you can call pests control. When people call pests control that can come get the pests and set them free in a safe environment so no native birds get hurt.

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